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Where To Shop: Local-made Artisan Tea

Minggu, 28 May 2023 13:14 WIB
Where To Shop: Local-made Artisan Tea
Foto: Istimewa
Jakarta -

Indonesians love caffeinated drinks. Most people can't start their day without a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. While coffee-lovers are mostly prominent among Indonesians, there are also plenty of people who prefer tea over coffee. But only a few understand the difference between supermarket teas and artisan teas.

Unlike original teas that we are all familiar with, artisan tea is made with good quality herbs and has no other added ingredients. It is the combination of art and technology where 'the tea master' mostly handpicked the whole leaves and buds to provide a richer and complex flavor. Hence, not only are they a treat to the eye, but they also allow the tea to be steeped multiple times while still preserving the exquisite taste. Meanwhile, teas available in the wide market are mostly produced by cutting, testing, and curling the tea into small pieces which enable companies to mass produce different varieties.

Not only are they high quality, but artisan tea has the magic to bring calmness to your body, freshen up your mind, or even enhance your overall health. Chamomile, for instance, has been known for its sleep-inducing and calming properties. Another one is hibiscus tea which are rich in antioxidants that can help the body to fight inflammation and lower blood pressure.

Want a taste of the benefit? Here are some Indonesian artisan tea brands you can check out.


Where To Shop: Local-made Artisan TeaHaveltea/ Foto: Istimewa

Personal favorite. Haveltea provides a wide range of artisan tea from pure hojicha tea, silky mint leaves from Mount Pujon, black tea with bergamot oil and lavender buds. Moreover, Haveltea is Halal-certified brand that sourced their tea blends from selected tea plantations across Indonesia through a method that supports better economic impact towards local farmers and practices green business.

Brew Me

Where To Shop: Local-made Artisan TeaBrew Me/ Foto: Istimewa

A Bali-based brand, Brew Me's tea leaves are grown on Bali's magical soil that makes the tea taste unique and different from others. With a clean design, Brew Me offers their product in tins or bags with options like white peony, cranberry black tea, or even cold relief teas.

Sila Tea

Where To Shop: Local-made Artisan TeaSila Tea/ Foto: Istimewa

Sila Tea has a wonderful selection of artisan teas from around Indonesia. Perhaps, it is the only local brand that possesses an extensive catalog of artisan teas with an extraordinary list of tea blends; spices, flowers, or herbs. If you are looking for something to elevate your tea time, well, Sila Tea is a great place to start.

Tema Tea

Where To Shop: Local-made Artisan TeaTema Tea/ Foto: Istimewa

Tema Tea locally sourced 90% of their products to offer a range of tisane, white tea, green tea, black tea, and oolong. Not only that, the tea bag is biodegradable thanks to its 100% non-GMO sugar cane materials. Safe for the tummy, safe for the environment.

Savis Tea

Where To Shop: Local-made Artisan TeaSavis Tea/ Foto: Istimewa

Presenting Indonesian premium teas from white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, flavored tea, aromatic tea, wellness tea, organic, herbs and spices, Savis Tea makes a great option for those who are looking for strong and complex tea flavors. For instance, their Sumatran green oolong premium tea, an exotic blend of black tea and cinnamon, or even a special blend inspired by the mystical, elegant and beauty of the past Java Princess.

There you have it, five local artisan tea brands to shop from. Happy brewing!



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