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Where To Shop: Ceramics Tableware

Minggu, 02 Oct 2022 18:00 WIB
Where To Shop: Ceramics Tableware
Foto: Tokopedia
Jakarta -

Serving food in the most presentable and pleasing way is always important for everyone, making the selection of the right set of tableware necessary. To our luck, ceramic has several incredible benefits when it comes to being the ideal tableware for everyday use; it's stain resistant, very easy to clean, dries faster than other dishware, can handle hot and cold temperatures of food, and does not retain the residues and smells of foods or chemicals. Wanna liven up your dinner/lunch game? Or you're simply looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one? We got you covered, here are some tableware made from ceramics you can check out by yourself!

Wavy plate

Its textured and wavy accent is what makes this plate irresistibly charming. You can use it for props too! Very pinterest-material and very aesthetic, am I right?

Cloud puff plate

Keeping it minimalistic with all-white plates or a bowl that goes with any occasion for any dish-appetizers, main course, or desserts. Ten out of ten for sure!

Bear bowl

Trust me, a cute little bowl with a bear shape on top will make you feel all smiley when served for cereals or other sweet stuff. Surely, can't get enough of the cuteness it radiates!

Drip bowl

Clean yet cute with its rounded design complete with a dripping accent on the bottom, this drip bowl is perfect for serving salads, desserts, even cereal! Another good thing about it, it's totally microwave and oven safe!

Flower border plate

The little red accent surrounding the plates with its flowery design is what makes this plate look special, especially if you decorate the table with an additional red rose. Cute, cute, cute!



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