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Where To Shops: Cute Rugs

Senin, 12 Sep 2022 15:30 WIB
Where To Shops: Cute Rugs
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Many people don't realize that rugs can easily change the interior's look. Rugs have the power to make a room feel more inviting as it provides warmth and softness. The right rug is able to elevate and enhance the overall look of your room since it's adding more pattern and color to it. Now, if you're looking for some cute rugs for your space, here are some recommendations.


Step On Me

All colorful with a hint of vintage thanks to its psychedelic pattern-this rug from Step On Me will surely give your room a boost of happiness right when you enter it. Not only does it enlighten the mood, but it surely will become the focus point of the room with its color play which consists of 16 yarn color combinations.They also offer some other rugs such as a rounded one in green designed like a grassfield complete with little flowers on top! So lively!


Blot Shop

From swirled checkered patterns to furry friends, Blot Shop offers all things cute, cute, and cute! Adding these cute rugs is the equivalent of dropping a little flattering splash of color to your room which will automatically liven up the atmosphere! Also, they are open for custom made rugs with your own choice of design and color palette! How convenient is that?


Rag Home

Taking rugs interior to the next level-I mean, tarot cards as rugs? 100% yes! The thing about Rag Home is that they have zero hesitation to combine a lot of texture to construct the perfect rugs for your space. Trust me, your room knows no such dimension before the presence of these irresistible rug designs!


Ina Inu

Looking for adorable hand-tufted rugs? The design is just so undeniably cute-for instance, their best selling cupcake rug is designed in a charming combination of salmon pink, cream, red, pastel purple, and tosca blue. Also offering you some geometric design in bold and fun colors, what more can you ask for?


Krafti Project & Living

Into simple design? You got it! Check out some of Krafti Project & Living's catalog for you with modest taste and love for neutral colors in the interior. From rainbow rugs to Moroccan patterns and even animals-it is perfect to complete the look of your room, whether as a runner mat for sliding doors, foyer table, rugs for the side of the bed, and more!

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