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Why Do We Love Haul Videos?

Minggu, 19 Feb 2023 15:30 WIB
Why Do We Love Haul Videos?
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Haul videos are undeniably popular. For over a decade, the trend has taken over YouTube, and now people are making haul videos on other social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram reels. By definition, a haul video is where one shows off new and usually large purchases, be it clothes, books, make up, games, stationery   literally anything. The idea is pretty much equivalent to calling your best friend and gushing about your recent shopping spree. But it's not quite similar to unboxing videos as hauls are typically showcasing multiple products and usually include the shopping experience, whether it's done online or offline.

According to a survey conducted by Morning Consult, haul videos have the power to increase product sales (thanks to Gen Z). Fact is, haul videos are the most likely to drive Gen Z purchase behavior in America, with female Gen Z being most interested in beauty and fashion products and male Gen Z being more likely to purchase books, games, and electronics. In addition, female Gen Z are more likely than male Gen Z to report purchasing an item because it was sponsored by an influencer or celebrity.

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The thing with haul, not only is it a fun and interactive way to see what's trending, but it's also an effective marketing strategy that has connected millions of content creators with their growing audiences and boosted brand awareness over the years. When the audience has a good connection or admiration with the person posting the haul, they're more likely to trust that the product is worth buying.

You may ask, what is so entertaining about seeing other people spending their money and flaunting their new purchases, anyway? Fact is, people are just interested in seeing what other people get. It gives a great insight into their lifestyle and taste in particular products that may or may not suit the audience's taste as well. However, in other times, haul video is seen as useful for those who are considering spending money on the interested product, especially noting how e-commerce or other online shopping platforms often put up an image product whose quality is hard to assess.

Not only that, haul is also a great way to keep audiences up to date with new items and trending items, as well as inspiring them to step out of their comfort zones to try something new. So, haul videos are also helpful for those who struggle to find their style; say, younger viewers who are just stepping into fashion, or beginners in make-up who want to know which product they shall purchase.

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On the flip side, haul videos are certain to drive and promote overconsumption. With never ending trends, a new haul is created, and a vicious cycle is born. The haul culture phenomenon on the internet has attract at least 35 billion views alone on TikTok with clothing haul leading the segment, measured by the hashtag #haul and #clothinghaul. Retailers like Zara, Shein, H&M, and Primark become the most mentioned brands in haul videos. Taking into account that these brands rely on trends and a fast-paced market, it's hardly surprising that their clothes are not made to last. As trends come and go, the once-hot commodities that are no longer en vogue commonly end up in landfills, since the products are largely made with unrecyclable materials.

The other side of this trend is thrift haul, where enthusiasts buy from the secondhand markets as opposed to big retailers. While it may sound better than fast fashion hauls, it still perpetuates haul culture. Because the problematic matter with haul is, even if it's thrift, if you over consume, it can   again   create waste (more waste than the fashion industry already produces) when you eventually discard those clothes. It also depletes the availability of clothes in thrift stores, which many people rely on. While vintage clothing has always been a niche, its rise to the public consciousness has driven pre-owned clothes' price steadily over the years-making it inaccessible to a large group of people.

With that in mind, of course it's still okay for us to watch and enjoy haul videos. Sometimes, it can even provide us with a broad insight on a wide range of products we may need or are thinking of buying in the first place. As a consumer, however, it's important to be aware of the implications of our buying habits. By taking the insights we gained from the aforementioned type of videos   such as the quality of particular products   we can become a more informed consumer and buy only the things we need. After all, isn't it better to have one quality item you wear for years rather than a closet full of trendy items you only wear for one season?

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