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Where Should Your Expired Makeup Go

Kamis, 26 May 2022 18:00 WIB
Where Should Your Expired Makeup Go
Jakarta -

For makeup lovers, it is highly recommended to keep track of the expiration dates of the products you are going to buy or already have in possession. Just like a lot of things, makeup can expire too! If you already know the risk of eating expired food can cause damage to your stomach, then you might want to remember the same mindset for your beauty products as well.

Using expired makeup can increase the risks such as clogged pores, irritations, and bacterial growth. If bacteria successfully contaminated an open container, they can multiply rapidly, cause breakouts and or other infections. You don't want that to happen, do you? Therefore, be mindful of the expiration date stamped on your favorite lipstick, cushion, mascara, and other beauty products. Usually, there will be a small icon of an open jar with a number on each product--this icon will tell you how many months you can use it after opening the product.

So, stop using your makeup if it has surpassed the months you're supposed to be using it, even though it means you can't finish all the contents. However, just because you can't be using it anymore, doesn't mean it has lost its value completely. Your expired makeup can still be useful for a mortuary makeup artist. Rather than throwing it away, donate your expired makeup to morticians through several donation bodies.

Not only makeup, but morticians also accept hair sprays, perfumes, and wigs (which later can be used for those who died because of cancer). Before you donate your makeup, check if the products aren't covered with mold or release an unpleasant smell. And remember, it's best to only send makeup products and exclude skincare products in the donation box because expired skincare products will not be used.

Expired makeup might not be good for you, but it might be beneficial to help someone look pretty for the very last time.



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