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Being Underestimated Can Be Your Greatest Strength

Rabu, 20 Apr 2022 20:00 WIB
Being Underestimated Can Be Your Greatest Strength
Jakarta -

Often underestimated by others and not much expected of something? This can occur in both our personal and professional lives. Most of us start from the bottom and make mistakes on our way to achieve our goals. We're sometimes mocked and underestimated because we haven't proven ourselves yet. Being underestimated can be draining and become a huge problem for most people. It often drags us down and might as well lead us to feel unconfident in what we do. Looking on the bright side, being underestimated can actually be our greatest strength.

The issue arises when we begin to believe other people's perceptions of our limitations. The problem emerges when we choose to accept other people's underestimation of us as our reality. However, we should not let it consume us. Use the fact of being underestimated as fuel to show yourself right and others incorrect of their judgment. However, be careful not to involve any hatred or desire for revenge in our motivation. Just focus on what we can do better.

Being underestimated allows us to take risks to get where we're going, that others will not. We can try things that no one else is willing to do, things that others have passed over because they believe it is too small or simple. We can have clear vision even when others doubt us. We know what's important, and we're unconcerned with what others think of us. We're concerned about our long-term goal when no one believes we'll achieve it. This allows us to focus working on our task without many people realizing it, allowing us to progress to a higher position. Then people will start to approach us and recognize our qualities. We must, however, exercise caution. Don't get carried away with the compliments. We must continue to work as if we are being underestimated in order to maintain our focus and meet our goals.

So, when others underestimate us, be careful not to internalize those thoughts because everyone has an opinion on how we should conduct our life and about what goals we should set. Getting to know ourselves deeply can help us to gain confidence in the vision of where we want to go, so that we know exactly what to work out in our life. If we don't realize this, we'll be easily misled and dragged down when people underestimate us. We will begin to underestimate ourselves as well. Thus, take advantage of the condition of being underestimated as a source of strength and motivation, as well as to practice believing in ourselves. From now on, we have a wonderful opportunity to put these skills into practice the next time we're underestimated.

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