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The Enduring Charm of G-SHOCK, as Told by its Wearers

Jumat, 08 Dec 2023 18:00 WIB
The Enduring Charm of G-SHOCK, as Told by its Wearers
Jakarta -

Ask most watch collectors about their rotation—chances are, they have a G-SHOCK in there somewhere. For many, G-SHOCKs were the watch that sparked their interest in timepieces, but their attachment to them goes far beyond childhood fondness. Their distinctive designs, array of playful colors, toughness, and functionality continue to be unmatched. For those with multiple watches in their collection, what keeps drawing them to G-SHOCK? We ask the people directly during the brand's 40th anniversary event, Shock the World in Bali at Desa Potato Head (2/12).

Speaking about his favorite G-SHOCK model, the DW-5600, rapper Basboi fondly recounted that it was his first ever watch from G-SHOCK. The watch was gifted by his father way back in middle school, and he still wears it now. "For outdoor activities, I always wear my G-SHOCKs. I feel that they're better for casual outfits as well, as opposed to dress watches. Let's say I'm going to a beach and I wanna play around the water—or if I'm going to a concert and I wanna mosh, my choice will certainly be G-SHOCK," he stated.

Sentimentality also plays a part in model Danella Ilene's love for G-SHOCK. The BABY-G model she was wearing when CXO Media spoke to her is a university graduation present from her father. Like Basboi, she still wears it regularly. "I like their candy colors and that they have smaller sizes for women," said Ilene of G-SHOCK's lineup.

"One of my first watches is a pastel BABY-G, which in turn informed my liking of pastel colors until now," said musician Oslo Ibrahim. "I think G-SHOCK is the first and only watch I know with an alarm function. What I also admire from them is their consistency, [the brand] is still very cool until now," stated Oslo about G-SHOCK's functionality. "In a way, I feel like watches are just like clothes. If I wanted to appear mature or playful, I would wear a certain watch. With G-SHOCK, you can appear any way you want, since they have everything," concluded Oslo.

"Even from a distance, people can tell that it's a G-SHOCK since their design is unique," model Helen Hiu said. For her, G-SHOCKs suit her style, which she claims is not always very feminine. What she loves about her personal watch, in black and gold, is its touch of cuteness and classiness in what's an otherwise "boyish" design.

Designer and streetwear label founder Shawn Dua Bui from Against Lab recently had a full circle moment with G-SHOCK. His first ever G-SHOCK model was a DW-6900, and it later became the model that his label collaborated on. "Man, it was a dream come true moment for me. Honestly, G-SHOCK is almost like the only [watch] brand that I wear since young, so being able to work with them means a lot to me," said Shawn about the collaboration between G-SHOCK and his own brand. "Whenever we go around the world and people ask about my brand, I would just say, 'This is what we've done, we've done a collaboration with G-SHOCK,' and people would [instantly recognize it]. Obviously, G-SHOCK has opened a lot of doors for us, which we are super grateful for," he continued.

No matter the reason, it's safe to say that G-SHOCK is for everyone. As the wide array of colors and shapes adorn the event's guests' wrists—most of them running around under the sun, enjoying the early evening seaside breeze—that fact cannot be more apparent.