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Trend To Watch: Doily Dressing

Rabu, 13 Sep 2023 15:31 WIB
Trend To Watch: Doily Dressing
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Fashion has truly evolved in a lot of ways, especially today-embarking from a nostalgic time or a truly new phenomenon. In the wake of the second New York Fashion Week, many fashion houses are trying to reinvent the genre of cottage core through vintage textiles such as dollies. From Prada's white doily-embellished skirts of their Fall 2023 collection to The Row's newest doily-inspired knits collection, this is proof of how designers always strive to create an iteration of the style.

List of Doily-Specialty Local Shops

At a glance, doily might remind us of a dining tablecloth in our grandparent's house; sturdy but gives off a soft feeling, traditional yet timeless, and sets the mood right for every occasion. This might just feel the same when it applies to fashion pieces. From dresses to shirts, they could be paired with almost everything for a casual day out or a formal event. So, here are some doily-specialty local shops you can check out!

Toko Didiyo

Toko Didiyo offers some doily summer shirts that are perfect for your everyday look. This slow fashion brand always makes sure to utilize deadstock fabric and doilies, then accentuate the silhouette with lovely variations of embroidery and laces.

Dear Soesan

Having a specialty in 'tablecloth shirts', Dear Soesan offers a plentiful option of doily shirts. From short sleeves, long sleeves, and puffy sleeves, Dear Soesan silhouettes are all completed with roses embroidery on the front. Make sure to check out this brand!

Nemani Label

Even though Nemani Label doesn't focus on doily dressing, their collection of doily vests is to die for. Mainly designed in broken white (doily signature color, as well), the vests are accompanied by an additional flower embroidery to give out an even sweeter look for those who wear it.



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