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Trend To Watch: Skort

Minggu, 23 Apr 2023 12:00 WIB
Trend To Watch: Skort
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Like jorts-which are a combination of jeans and shorts-skort is a mixture between skirt and short. They may appear like a skirt when you wear it, but they're actually shorts. This is because they offer both a shorts liner and a skirt covering. You may have been familiar with the concept, just think of tennis skirts. Skorts were created to provide more freedom to do activities such as sports, gardening, cleaning, or bike riding , while giving the appearance of a skirt. From the occasion, skorts can be upscale or casual, feminine or sporty. It's super versatile and it is climbing up the trend once again this year!

Skort, Trend to Watch in 2023

One thing about skorts is that they fall in the category of comfortable fashion. When the weather is windy, you don't have to worry about it disrupting your look as if you're Marilyn Monroe fighting to put her 'flying white dress' down. Even though skorts are mostly seen at a sporting event worn by female athletes, skorts can also become a piece of casual clothing that you can wear to many occasions such as a day out with friends to K-pop concert night. All in all, skorts are perfect for you who want to look feminine but not at the cost of wearing something that might be uncomfortable and tricky. Go for the hassle-free garments!

Not to mention that skorts are super easy to pair as well. Slap a couple of basics like tank tops, halter top, crop tops, blazer, or a sweater, and you're good to go! It goes well with sneakers or boots as well. Really, anything will do with skort.

Everyone's love for tennis pleated skirts are understandable, hence pleated skirts are really making a big splash right now. Playful, posh, yet classic, how come one hates pleated skorts? Beside pleated, asymmetrical skorts are also in the lead and give out the modern chic impression on the wearer. On top of it all, skorts are cute enough to make you look put together but comfy enough to lounge in.

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