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Where to Shop: Boots

Minggu, 27 Nov 2022 15:00 WIB
Where to Shop: Boots
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Boots are undeniably a fashion item that can elevate your look effortlessly, transforming your look to become more chic. Choosing the right boots, however, can be a hassle-all eyes are set on the quality of the leather, but design is not second priority either. Of course, we want long-lasting boots that we can wear for many years to come on various occasions. The high price sometimes comes with that longevity value, making us a bit picky when it comes to boots shopping. In order to give you a range of options, here are some good quality boots crafted by local brands that you can check out!

Nappa Milano

.Nappa Milano/ Foto: CXO Media

One of the brands that is known and well-loved by everyone recently, Nappa Milano offers not only platforms and loafers, but a good amount of options of boots as well. For you girls, choose the ankle length Pam Chelsea Boots with airy rubber sole that fits any occasion. Meanwhile for boys, you can choose plain pointy boots in plain leather or adorned with stamped brogue patterns all over the pair.

Magnum Lotus

.Magnum Lotus/ Foto: CXO Media

Want to stomp with style? Magnum Lotus provides the answer! Offering you statement pieces for both men and women, Magnum Lotus boots are unlike any other. Take a look at their Statement Back Lacing Boots; like the name explains, this high ankle boots is beautified with a bit of shoelace placed on the back ankle (instead on the front, yes you heard it right!).

Prabu Indonesia

.Prabu Indonesia/ Foto: CXO Media

Another store that offers a variety of options leather shoes for both genders, Prabu's boots should make it into your shopping cart already! From Chelsea Boots to Ankle Boots with padded fabric that surrounds its lining, Prabu Indonesia is ready to complete your everyday look!


.TXTURE/ Foto: CXO Media

Taking boots design to the next level, TXTURE combines playful and classic altogether in all of their silhouettes. It is distinctive, unique, and boldly explores the composition of colors that makes for a striking pair of boots! Wearing one will take your outfits to the next level.

There you have it, four local brands to check out. Stomp with confidence!

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