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What Makes One A Cheugy?

Minggu, 19 Jun 2022 18:00 WIB
What Makes One A Cheugy?
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Wikipedia describes Cheugy as an American neologism coined in 2013 as a pejorative description of lifestyle trends associated with the early 2010s and Millennials. Cheugy is an aesthetic described as the opposite of trendy or trying too hard. You may hear it before, or this is the first time you've ever come across this sizzly word. But basically, Cheugy is just another weapon in the ongoing culture wars between Gen Z and Millennials. In 2021, TikTok are filled with videos of Gen Z on a mission to destroy the confidence of Millennials by declaring that all of their favorite trends are tacky and out of style.

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All things Cheugy are hard to define and pin down, but you'll understand when it's being described. Think of Ugg Boots, tacky graphic tees with words, skinny jeans, or a mug that says "Live, Laugh, Love," Cheugy was most frequently aligned with the term 'basic', yet many have argued it's not quite the same, nor it's also on par with being 'uncool'. It's rather an ambiguous and mildly endearing term for people on the internet to categorize certain types of people and their tastes.

It's hard to define but easy to identify. One thing is for sure, Cheugy is a millennial who focuses their identity around certain brands or aesthetics, that tries too hard to be cool or into something outdated and super-aware of said outdated style. So, ask yourself, are you a Cheugy?

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