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Short Epilogue: Review of Colde's Love Part 2

Minggu, 14 May 2023 16:30 WIB
Short Epilogue: Review of Colde's Love Part 2
Jakarta -

Arriving four years after his previous album, Love Part 1, Colde's latest release Love Part 2 takes a turn by serving as a sort of epilogue to its predecessor. While its earlier counterpart saw Colde playing the part of an infatuated lover, Love Part 2 deals with the aftermath of said romance once it's finished.

Review of Colde's Love Part 2

Wistful, piano-backed opener "Island" made it clear that while Colde is still a romantic, he is not at the same place as he was four years ago. After he made an appearance in RM's Indigo, the BTS leader returned the favor by lending his voice in "Don't ever say love me". The pair bitterly-and desperately-tries to disconnect from a past lover, only for Colde to sing "How are you?/Do you think of me sometimes?" in the following song, "I'm Still Here". Afterall, breakups are messy and feelings can easily fluctuate after a heartbreak. At a stage that Colde sets himself in, what seems final is pretty much still open-ended-at least at his part.

The album is effective in having Colde highlight what makes his voice compelling. Love Part 2 employs productions familiar to Colde's body of work, whether in his solo releases or with offonoff-minimal hip-hop influenced R&B with a touch of jazz elements. It can be argued that Colde does not reinvent the wheel or try anything really new in Love Part 2, but he executed it well enough to deliver a cohesive album, even if it needs to be listened to after its predecessor for a more complete experience. It's exactly what his listeners have come to expect from him-case in point being his "in love" and "breakup" album sounding similar-yet he delivered with enough charisma, character, and refinement that makes for an enjoyable listen.

Clocking in at just a tad bit over half an hour-common by his standards-Colde might be understaying his welcome, but it sets the stage for further sonic explorations. Perhaps, another release from offonoff is what the listeners need.

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