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Some Overlooked Disney Animated Movies You Should Give a Watch

Rabu, 19 Apr 2023 14:00 WIB
Some Overlooked Disney Animated Movies You Should Give a Watch
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Talking about Disney, their animated movies are masterpieces that give joy to everyone who watches them. From Frozen to Tangled, everyone loves them. However, with loads of movie production they do each year, you may haven't heard nor watched some of the movies that deserve a spotlight like others do. So, here's compiled a list of overlooked Disney animated movies which you should give them a watch.

1. Lady and the Tramp (1955)

You must have seen that scene of two dogs sharing a bowl of spaghetti at least once in your life. In case you didn't know, the famous scene comes from a Disney animated movie titled Lady and the Tramp which was released in 1955. The story tells about a dog named Lady who faced difficulty adjusting herself after her masters got a new baby. She felt neglected and she was accused of causing havoc that she ran out of the house. Being alone living outside, she met a stray dog named Tramp whom she fell in love with. The whole plot of the story gives off warm feeling to enjoy with your loved ones.

2. Brother Bear (2003)

Starred by Joaquin Phoenix, this film tells the story of Kenai whose brother was killed by a wild bear. Feeling frustrated by his loss, he took revenge by killing the bear only to be magically transformed into one himself as a punishment. His journey of being a bear was assisted by a bear cub who was his only friend who wanted to help him return to his normal human form. Kenai's only hope to become a human again was a magical mountain which he needed to find.

3. Meet the Robinsons (2007)

Meet The Robinsons tells the story of the life of a genius boy named Lewis. Lewis had ambitions to create a memory scanning machine to find his biological mother. But before finding the mother, the machine was stolen by Bowler Hat Man and his partner Doris. This event made Lewis so desperate that he decided to time travel using a time machine to find Bowler and Doris. This chase actually took him on an adventure he never expected, which ended in the future. Lewis then realized that family was where his heart was and felt comfortable.

4. BOLT (2008)

Bolt was a canine superstar who played in a movie with a role as a super dog who was gifted with amazing superpowers. Once the camera stopped rolling, he still believed that his superpowers were real until one day when he was accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to the streets of New York. There, he started his amazing adventure with nothing but a delusion of superpowers and tiny company; a cat and a hamster to find his long lost owner, Penny who was played by Miley Cyrus.

5. Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

Susan Murphy (played by Reese Witherspoon) was a normal girl until a meteor of space gunk hit her and she was turned into a giant. Knowing about this, the government named her Ginormica and confined her with other monsters. She was put in a monster team when an evil alien named Gallaxhar landed on earth and began a rampage.

There you go, some of the overlooked Disney animation movies that you may haven't heard, let alone watched. Take this as your watching list to enjoy on weekend with your loved ones for light entertainment.

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