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Excitement of a Budding Love: Review of NewJeans' "OMG"

Jumat, 06 Jan 2023 17:30 WIB
Excitement of a Budding Love: Review of NewJeans'
Jakarta -

The stream of teenage feelings continue on NewJeans' latest single, "OMG". Another side of the recently-released "Ditto", the new single leans more into the excitement of a budding love rather than the former's bittersweet uncertainty.

As usual, NewJeans sticks to a minimalist R&B arrangement, albeit in a manner closer to a "traditional" K-pop song this time. In their overall fifth song, "OMG" can be interpreted as NewJeans' take on a typical K-pop composition. Over a glossy, trap-inspired production, the girls sing about infatuation which turns into a fixation over a boy. He worries about the main character. He also makes her laugh. In turn, the attention is reciprocated even greater. "No I can never let him go/I only think of you, twenty-four", the girls sing, before confessing "I know, I know, I'm going crazy right?", adding a touch of self-awareness amidst the romance.

The middle part of the song gives way to an electronic interlude, before concluding on a sweet note all over again. The main character wraps up the song with the line, "My heart is glowing up so I can't sleep at night", conveying the hope she has for her romance. Continuing the tradition of "Ditto", however, the music video is made in two parts, with a much darker tone than the teenage romance story. Taking part in an asylum this time around, the girls from NewJeans all embody their very own disorder. As usual, analyses of the videos are already going around. Have a watch and analyze it by yourself!


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