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Highlights of Sajama Cut's Tribute Album, You Can Be Anyone You Want

Selasa, 01 Nov 2022 18:36 WIB
Highlights of Sajama Cut's Tribute Album, You Can Be Anyone You Want
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Indonesian indie rock mainstay Sajama Cut has just released a massive, 30-track album. However, it's not them performing the songs but a selection of bands and musicians ranging from the band's contemporaries to internet strangers. Titled You Can Be Anyone You Want—after a line in Sajama Cut's 2005 song "Less Afraid"—the album seems to be saying that to the bands and musicians featured—as well as to the listeners.

As opposed to a tribute album, You Can Be Anyone You Want is described by frontman Marcel Thee as more of "a 'conversation' or collaboration between Sajama Cut and the musicians featured, across genres and generations." The spirit is captured through the album's cover, a collage of paintings from different periods done by artist Rifqi "Destroyxstairs".

The various takes of Sajama Cut's discography-whether from recent or decade-old releases-provide a fresh approach to familiar songs. For seasoned listeners or those new to Sajama Cut's music, these highly diverse interpretations make for an interesting listening experience. Have a listen through the album's highlights and our personal favorites below.

Sal Priadi — "Katedral Tiongkok"

The soloist Sal Priadi brought his gloomy pop inflections into a track from Sajama Cut's recent Godsigma. The track started off with a dramatic arrangement, which continues into the rest of the song, rising and descending in intensity. Thee himself stated that the Chinese musical influence in Priadi's interpretation is what he had in mind for the original version of the track—and Priadi successfully brought.

Adrian PDM — "Alibi"
Adrian PDM's take on "Alibi" is charming in its earnest minimalistic approach. Thee stated that the track is an online finding that he and the rest of Sajama Cut is very fond of. Not much can be found about the musician, as he does not have any track listed under his name online, but the mystery only adds to the charm.

Cotswolds — "Speak in Tongues"
Another track that Thee said to nail the execution he originally intended, Cotswolds' 80s-influenced approach to this number from Manimal is perfectly suited for a dark dancefloor. The cold, post-punk instrumentation brought another dimension to the track's gloomy lyrics and imagery.

Ade Paloh & Costaroy — "Adegan Ranjang 1981 ♥︎ 1982"

Ade Paloh's unmistakable voice is complemented perfectly with Costaroy's instrumentation in this melodic interpretation. The vaguely romantic song seems somewhat brighter and celebratory in this rendition. An immaculate meeting of ideas and execution.

Muchos Libre — "Tekstur Kulit Wanita Kaya-Raya"

Highly energetic, highly infectious, Muchos Libre's cover of "Tekstur Kulit Wanita Kaya-Raya" brought a different kind of intensity to the 2020 track. Described by Thee as post-humanoid manic-hardcore, the distortion-laden track, filled with overlapping shouting-courtesy of the band's twin vocalists-makes for a great moshpit anthem. Unapologetically chaotic and will put a smile on your face.

Whitenoir — "Rachmaninoff & Semangkuk Mawar Hidangan Malam"

Atmospheric through layered distortions, Whitenoir's rendition of the Godsigma number is melancholic and heavy at the same time. The vocal harmony provided an alluring contrast to the hazy instrumentation, putting the originally dancey track in an entirely new light-or haze, if you prefer.

Originally released on September 3rd, You Can Be Anyone You Want is now available on streaming platforms. 

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