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New Movies Releasing in October

Jumat, 30 Sep 2022 20:00 WIB
New Movies Releasing in October
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Keeping you up to date with new movies that will be released this month, October will be dominated by some good spine-chilling horror movies as Halloween inches closer. It's good news for horror junkies, of course. However, there are also some non-horror movies coming this October that's worth anticipating. So, without further ado, here are some upcoming movies coming for you this month!


Mr. Harrigan's Phone, Oct 5

A Netflix original film for Halloween release, Mr. Harrigan's Phone is a Blumhouse's adaptation of the Stephen King short novel, which is half a coming-of-age story and half a horror film. It tells the story of Craig, an outcast teen who forms an unlikely bond with the reclusive billionaire, Mr. Harrigan. When Mr. Harrigan passes away, Craig finds a way to keep in touch from beyond the grave with unintended consequences.


Sri Asih, Oct 6

After Gundala, another Indonesian superhero that's coming to the big screen from the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe is Sri Asih! Starred by the charming Pevita Pearce, Sri Asih will tell the story of Alana, who's powerful and good at fighting but struggles to control her anger. One day, she found out that she's the next incarnation of Goddess Asih who must fight evil and save the world.


Pamali, Oct 6

Adapted from the famous local horror video game of the same name, Pamali resides in the story of a married couple who want to sell the house left by their parents to start a new life. While living in the house that's located deep in the village, they accidentally violate the customs that have become traditions, and eventually have to face the existence of spirits that threaten their lives.


Amsterdam, Oct 7

Set in the 1930s, three friends   a doctor, a nurse, and a lawyer   become the prime suspects in a murder. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Chris Rock, Anya Taylor-Joy, Zoe Saldana, Mike Myers, Michael Shannon, Timothy Olyphant, Andrea Riseborough, Taylor Swift, Matthias Schoenaerts, Alessandro Nivola, Rami Malek, and Robert De Niro.


Halloween Ends, Oct 14

Jamie Lee Curtis returns for the last time as Laurie Strode in a final confrontation against the embodiment of evil, Michael Myers. After 45 years, the most acclaimed and revered horror franchise in film history finally reaches its epic conclusion. Will it finally end? One way to find out!


The School for Good and Evil, Oct 19

Do you ever wonder where every great fairytale begins? Surprisingly, school. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, The School for Good and Evil will showcase the story of best friends Sophie and Agatha, who find themselves on opposing sides when they're taken to a magical school where heroes and villains are trained to protect the balance between good and evil. Can't wait to see Charlize Theron, Michelle Yeoh, and Kerry Washington in this one!


Black Adam, Oct 21

Calling all DC fans! Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson, is heading to the theater this month! The antihero from the ancient city of Kahndaq is unleashed into modern times after spending almost five thousand years of imprisonment. His brute tactics and unique form of justice attract the attention of the Justice Society: Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Clone-who try to stop his rampage and teach him how to be a hero more than a villain.


Wendell & Wild, Oct 21

Henry Selic, director of Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas, will direct this new stop-motion animated movie, Wendell & Wild. The movie focuses on two scheming demon brothers who are hatching a plan to defeat their arch nemesis. Lyric Ross, Jordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key are on the list of the voice actors playing in the movie.


Ticket to Paradise, Oct 21

In this romantic comedy film, divorced couple Julia Roberts along with George Clooney will team up and travel to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago.


The Good Nurse, Oct 26

Academy Award winners Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne are going to star this spine-chilling mystery film, The Good Nurse, coming to Netflix this month. It centers on the story of Amy, a nurse who begins to suspect her fellow nurse, Charlie Cullen, after a series of mysterious patient deaths in the hospital they work at. It's based on the true story of the most prolific serial killer in New Jersey, Charles Cullen, also known as "The Angel of Death."


Prey for The Devil, Oct 26

Exorcism action is call for! The Roman Catholic Church combats a global rise in demonic possessions by reopening schools to train priests to perform exorcisms. Even though nuns are forbidden to perform the ritual, a professor recognizes Sister Ann's gifts and agrees to train her. She soon finds herself in a battle for the soul of a young girl who's possessed by the same demon that tormented her own mother years ago.

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