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200 Words Love Story: Car Crash

Sabtu, 01 Jul 2023 20:00 WIB
200 Words Love Story: Car Crash
Foto: Unsplash
Jakarta -

You know the feeling when you're about to have an accident   whether it's falling from a skateboard, dropping your phone from a high place, or being in a car crash   you know the chain of events are in motion, yet you can't do anything to stop it. In those moments, there's a strange feeling of acceptance that what's about to happen will indeed happen. Been through enough and you'll find relationships are much like that.

You stare at a broken mirror and find yourself staring back at a distorted reflection. "Is it really me?", you thought to yourself. "Am I just fragments of broken reflections, unfamiliar even to myself?" Within the shards of glass you seek the answers, drowning in bottles, goblets, and lowball glasses. You traded the bitterness inside your chest for one sliding through your throat.

Quick to forget, yet difficult to speak your mind, all you see around you are the reflections of your worst aspects. Like the same movie playing over and over, you kept telling yourself that perhaps this time, things will end differently. Of course they won't. The car crash is already in motion once you set your foot on the gas.

Who broke the mirror? Who crashed the car? Who ran the relationships to their end? Your cold, fragmented eyes stare back at you.

And by you, of course I mean me.

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