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Can Someone Commit A Crime Because of Love?

Selasa, 07 Mar 2023 18:00 WIB
Can Someone Commit A Crime Because of Love?
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Jakarta -

Recently, the Indonesian public was shocked by the case of the son of former Direktorat Jenderal (Dirjen) Pajak official, Mario Dandy (20)-who committed physical violence against a teenager, David (17). After the police conducted an investigation, the reason Dandy committed the crime is that he wanted to protect his girlfriend, AG (15), who is David's former girlfriend.

The highlight of the case is that Mario told the public he regretted what he had done to David. However, in numerous photos of him from various media outlets, his face showed no remorse. The Indonesian public speculated why Mario didn't show any regret, and some came to the conclusion that he felt justified in committing the act since it was to defend his girlfriend, AG, who claimed to have been abused by David.

Cases like this are not new-a lot of criminal cases based on love occur all over the world. So, is it true that someone can commit crime because of love?

Don't Blame Love

People think that love can cause someone to do anything, even committing heinous acts like crime. For example, when a father steals some money to buy his children food, it is not solely based on love   it is also caused by poverty. This also applies to someone who commits a crime to protect their partner.

There are several reasons why someone can commit a crime, like jealousy, grudge, or a desire to make their partner proud in protecting one's partner. Furthermore, the decision to commit a crime could be caused by their partner's manipulation.

Clinical psychologist Feka Anggie Pramita, M.Psi, stated that the saying "love is blind" is true, as it often makes a person unable to think clearly with logic. They tend not to consider the consequences of their actions.

"When someone commits a crime, it is not because of love, but rather a manipulation from their partner. In this case, it is highly possible. Moreover, we also need to take into account how old the perpetrator is, along with said person's logic and ability to think," stated Feka to CXO Media.

She added that the action of minors depends on the ability of teenagers' self-control and the role of parents in its development.

"If the act of crime is done by a person whose age is older than 25, it means the ability to think   which includes analytical skill, consideration of consequences, and risk prediction-has been optimally formed. However, it also needed supporting intelligence," she stated.

The Role of Parents

Today, numerous criminal cases involve minors, with some of them acting as perpetrators. One of the reasons for their involvement is the difficulties they go through in controlling emotions. Although this phenomenon has been going on for a long time, the difference is the role of social media in teenagers' lives.

"The emotions and behavior problems in children are somewhat influenced by their relationships with parents, neurodevelopmental problems, lack of stimulation at home, interaction pattern, parenting style, and an environment that doesn't play a positive role in a child's life.This situation may influence them in the future or when the child grows to teenhood or adulthood," Feka explained.

Many parents don't realize that emotions and behavior problems in teenagers can be detected since childhood. Special intervention of the role will be needed, depending on how difficult the emotions and behavioral problems of said child are. It is imperative that the issues be addressed early to determine whether the child needs a special intervention or not.

Psychologists require cooperation from the teenagers for a special intervention   which will determine the success in dealing with behavioral problems. The role of parents and the environment are also needed to influence transformation, adaptation, and accommodation so that these special interventions can make changes to behavioral and emotional problems in adolescents.

"Teenagers really need the presence of parents, in both great quantity and quality. They need parents who can accept themselves as who they are without demanding things beyond their abilities. This doesn't mean that teenagers are unable to fulfill the demands of their parents, but rather that it's an issue that needs to be sorted by both parties," said Feka.

Teenagers need deep communication and heart to heart talk. Communication should be based on trust, openness, and without judgment. Parents shouldn't react negatively to what teenagers communicate, they need to be a good listener to gather what needs addressing.

A positive example from parents regarding love will influence and help teenagers understand how a relationship should work. The rate of love-based crime would be greatly minimized if a child understood the dynamics of a healthy relationship better since early childhood.