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Last Minute Christmas Gift

Jumat, 23 Dec 2022 16:00 WIB
Last Minute Christmas Gift
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Jakarta -

Still don't know what to get that special someone for Christmas? It's never too late for that last minute Christmas shopping. But, of course, we're saving you from all the hassle-here are some home essentials that are definitely useful for your loved ones that you can give for Christmas!

Jewelry storage

If your loved ones have their own collections of jewelries, this might be the perfect option for your X'mas gift! The design is simple yet unique with deer antlers that branches in different ways-perfect for storing rings, bracelets, and also necklaces. It'll look pretty as a decoration as well!

Speaker with pixelated art

This retro speaker not only screams cuteness but is also functional! Not only does it function as a speaker, but it also offers built-in games, alarm, voice memo, and more! More like a smart gadget, I would say-one would totally be gleeful to have!

Very soft blanket

Nothing beats the feeling of warmth when one lies down at night and wrapped in a very very soft blanket. Can't tuck your loved one goodnight? Worry not, let this blanket carry your message! It will send them to good night dreams, for sure!

Mini smoothie blender

Convenient for smoothie lovers out there-this mini smoothie blender is easy to use, clean, and carry! Perfect for those who can't get the day going without their favorite blended drinks!

Flower table lamp

Aesthetic-material alert! This table lamp will elevate their nightstand easily, and also super useful if they still want some lights on to send them off to a snoozy state.

There you go, five items you can get for your loved ones at the very last minute. Merry Christmas!

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