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How To Elevate Your Bedroom Atmosphere

Selasa, 31 May 2022 10:00 WIB
How To Elevate Your Bedroom Atmosphere
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The bedroom is supposed to be the most comfortable space you own as it's your main ground to rest, think of great ideas, and something that represents you as a person. We spend a lot of time in our bedroom, starting and ending the day with the view of our very own sanctum. Therefore, it's worth putting some extra effort making it restful, warm, and comfortable to stay inside. So, here are some items that you may want to take as an addition to cozy up your bedroom.

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Silk Sheets

You may have heard already about a silk pillowcase that claims to make your hair healthier and retain moisture, so why not take it a little further with silk sheets for your whole bed instead? Aside from the fact that silk sheets can elevate your bedroom atmosphere, making it more stunning and luxurious, silk sheets are also known best for their coziness, smoothness, and breathable material that are much healthier than cotton sheets for your skin and hair. As stated before, silk sheets can retain moisture rather than draw it out--they are quite beneficial to make your hair and skin stay nice and hydrated while you sleep.

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Weighted Blankets

Generally, weighted blankets are simply blankets that are weighed down with glass beads or poly pellets sewn into pockets throughout the fabric. Weighted blankets are known to have several benefits for mental health; according to research published in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, weighted blankets work effectively to reduce insomnia severity and reduce symptoms of depression, fatigue and anxiety. This type of blanket is also very calming as it mimics a hug when you're asleep that can help your body release oxytocin, which is said to help balance out one's blood pressure, creating a feeling of relaxation and even slowing down the heart rate.

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Aesthetic Table Lamp

Aside from the fact that a table lamp can be an addition for decoration points in your bedroom, a table lamp has its benefits too for the atmosphere. Depending on the placement, a table lamp can help you illuminate only some areas in the room to give the room a more warm and cozy feeling at night. If it's placed on the side of your bed, it'll be very convenient for you who want to read at night before sleeping since you don't have to turn on the main lighting in the room.

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Reed Diffuser

Who doesn't love a room with a beautiful and relaxing scent? Unlike an electric or candle diffuser, a reed diffuser uses a wicker wick to spread the aroma of aromatic oils into the air of your bedroom. This type of diffuser is handier as it works without heat, power, or fire. As we all already know, reed diffusers offer aesthetic to display on the placement; a reed diffuser itself can keep you from stomachache and overthinking as the scent can give you relaxation to help your body rest optimally at night. Scents like lavender and geranium can also keep you from mosquitos at night when you're sleeping.

There you have it, some of the needed items for your bedroom to help you elevate the atmosphere and make you more comfortable in your sanctum while you rest.

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