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Plants To Liven Up Your Space

Sabtu, 30 Apr 2022 14:00 WIB
Plants To Liven Up Your Space
Foto: Patrick Perkins/Unsplash
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There's nothing in this world like being comfortable in your own space. Since it's a home; not just a place to crash, but also a shelter--your favorite spot and your safe haven--it's sensible to arrange your everyday surroundings to suit your taste. More often than not, a house wouldn't feel complete without some touch of additional decoration like frames, scented candles, a mirror, an antique vase, et cetera. It's just as if something is missing--a puzzle piece for a finishing touch.

Having a plant as a decoration to your home is not only a treat for the eye, but it is also able to liven up the entire mood of the room. Plus, a little display of fresh greens will add a touch of serenity. So, here we have collected four types of plants that you can add to your rooms for achieving a lively atmosphere.

MonsteraMonstera/ Foto: Rui Silvestre/Unsplash

Known for its monstrous leaves that are shaped like a heart, a Monstera plant is perfect to accompany your furniture. What makes Monstera special is its shiny wide leaf with enclosed holes. It is versatile because it grows indoors just fine because Monstera can survive in lower light situations. However, the less light they receive, the smaller the leaves will be. There are variations of Monstera you can choose from, such as Monstera Deliciosa, the most common Monstera you can find; Monstera Variegata, an albino Monstera that is patterned with white and green on each leaf; or Monstera Dubia that grows like a vine.

Snake PlantSnake Plant/ Foto: Noyo Creatif/Unsplash

Snake Plant
It might sound scary, but the snake plant is no danger at all. Famous with other names like mother-in-law's tongue, the snake plant owns a stiff, sword-like leaf in green and features a yellow border. The snake plant is resilient and nearly indestructible. They will thrive in very bright light or even almost dark corners of your house. Not to mention that the snake plant is also drought-resistant but susceptible to overwatering because it can cause the root to rot. Pleasing to the eye, easy to care for, and able to improve the air quality of the room, what more can you ask for?

SucculentSucculent/ Foto: Angele Kamp/Unsplash

Another low-maintenance plant for you busy heads is succulent. The word succulent derives from the Latin word "sucus" meaning juice or sap. Its striking, one-of-a-kind, and unusual appearance are the main selling point of succulents. Not to mention, there are dozens of types of succulents in different shapes and colors you can adopt to your safe space! Even though it requires very little water to flourish, succulents still need to get their daily dose of the sun. All in all, it is an ideal plant, especially for those of you who don't have a green thumb.

Cast Iron PlantCast Iron Plant/ Foto: Friedrich Strauss/living4media

Cast Iron Plant
Now, if you are aiming for a bigger plant to place at the corner of your house, cast iron might be the perfect option to keep in mind. Cast iron is fully capable of dealing with poor light, warm or cold temperatures. Its long, large paddle-shaped leaves often come in a dark shade of green. The main advantage of the cast iron plant is that it won't outgrow the location you choose for it because it grows slowly and only produces a few new leaves a year. It will live quite happily without too much effort from you.

There are still other houseplants you can include to your safe space. Whatever that is, the most important thing of owning a plant is knowing how to take care of them. Just like any other things, it requires attention and love in order for them to flourish. Think of it as a win-win solution; one where if you take care of them very well, it will complement your surroundings to the next level.

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