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No Place Like: Rambak

Kamis, 13 Jan 2022 12:47 WIB
No Place Like: Rambak
Foto: Hani Indita
Jakarta -

White sparkling sands between my feet, salty breeze in my hair, the sound of the waves crashing mixed with the faint laughters played out in the distance-everytime I think of Rambak, I can only remember the good things.

The most awaited agenda when making a visit to my hometown would be beach-hopping, and Bangka Belitung is known for its stunning beaches. However, I'm going to talk about one in particular, located on the east side of the Island that can be reached with a 30 minutes trip from Pangkalpinang, Rambak. Once you step foot into the mesmerizing Rambak, the first thing you notice would be the warm soft sands between your toes, followed by huge granite rocks that spread out along the coast, creating a more picturesque landscape. There are shacks for you to rent, in order to make your visit more enjoyable. And the most exquisite view would be the sunset, because at the right moment, it would look as if the sun is peeking through the ocean, in between the rocks.

What makes Rambak so remarkable for me would be the time and memories I share with my family. Most of my cousins stay in Pangkalpinang, so we would always have a day out at the beach. They will bring out a lot of snacks, ranging from seafood to fruits. Fresh from the sea, we would grill mackerels, triggerfishes, squids, shrimps, and it would be served with homemade spicy sweet soy sauce. We would then gather around and have lunch together at the beach shack. Cousin and I will play out a song on the guitar, and sometimes it will turn into a karaoke session. Sometime, some will take naps while the boys play balls under the sun. The rest would exchange stories accompanied with refreshing watermelons and sweet coconuts. And when the heat stops striking a little, I would look after my younger cousins who are spending their leisure time by the water.

A smile easily creeps into my face as I write out these precious moments. A day in Rambak just feels so easy, contradicting the routine I'm going through in a city where it feels like everyone's walking too fast. It's suffocating sometimes. For now, I can only close my eyes and reminisce of Rambak who will welcome me the same: warm and embracing. With the presence of my loved ones, there's truly no place like Rambak.

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Hani Indita