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Travel Trends for 2022

Jumat, 25 Mar 2022 10:00 WIB
Travel Trends for 2022
Jakarta -

The world has started getting better; vaccinations have been carried out extensively everywhere, and everyday an increasing number of people have been vaccinated; international borders and travel restrictions have begun to loosen. It's time for us to go back on travelling now that everything has slowly recovered.

The travel industry is re-opening its doors. Everyone is tired of the restrictions that have been imposed over the last two years, and many people have begun to schedule their vacation plans, both domestically and internationally. The urgency to travel this year is getting higher for many people, many believe they have lost two years, and seniors are anxious that they may have less healthy years to travel in the future. Not only that, starting travelling again will also support the restoration of the local economy, especially of a region that is largely reliant on tourism. Before you plan your trip, look at some trends that will shape travel in 2022.

'Go Big' & Spend More

With all of the uncertainty that individuals have faced as a result of the epidemic, many people are beginning to wonder if they will be able to travel again in the near future. As a result, when people plan their trip this year, they are more likely to 'go big' and willing to spend more money. While the pandemic has been financially catastrophic for some, it has helped others to save more money by travelling and consuming things less. According to a joint report by the World Travel & Tourism Council and travel website, 70 percent of leisure travelers in major countries such as the United States, Canada, and Japan, plan to spend more on travel in 2022 than they did in the previous five years.

Tech Travel

This year, technology appears to be as popular as ever among travelers. Since the pandemic started, technology played an important role in the travel sector. It is believed to reduce travel anxiety, particularly with the presence of various digital services that could forecast which nations are safe to visit. According to, many people stated that it was critical in helping them learn about health concerns while traveling. The majority of travellers also want digital options such as for making last-minute restaurant reservations, and self-service features instead of having face-to-face contacts.


Workations will still become a trend in 2022. Remote working is becoming a norm everywhere. Barefoot workations allow you to be productive while vacationing in paradise. Many countries, like Barbados, Anguilla, Dominica, have issued digital nomad visas for longer-term visits, and this trend isn't going away. It allows someone to work remotely while living outside of their nation of permanent residency. In Indonesia, Bali will continue to be one of the most popular destinations for workations. However, for our next workations, we can visit alternative paradises in Indonesia outside of Bali, such as Lombok, Banyuwangi, Lampung, and many other places with magnificent beach landscapes.

Personal Wellness Retreats

The previous two years have been particularly stressful for many, but as we emerge into the new normal, many individuals will engage in improving and maintaining their personal wellness. We've read in the news that millions of individuals throughout the world have been quitting their jobs and exploring new career paths. Many of them are starting their own enterprises. With this in mind, it's no surprise that personal development retreats are springing up all over the world. All of these options, from a solitary yoga retreat to a customized retreat program to nature therapy, are available to you and may assist you in releasing stress and giving you a new start to resume our daily routine.

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