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Movies & Series Releasing in July 2024

Selasa, 25 Jun 2024 16:30 WIB
Movies & Series Releasing in July 2024
Movies & Series Releasing in July 2024/Foto: Various
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Last year, July was a festive month for everyone, especially movie buffs, as Oppenheimer and Barbie successfully made their way to theaters. Another year has passed, and there's probably nothing quite like the Barbenheimer phenomena. However, there are still several interesting titles that are ready to entertain you this month. Here are movies and series that will be released in July 2024!

The Man with 1000 Kids - July 3rd
Remember the Netflix documentary Our Father? Well, if you're into a similar premise, Netflix is coming with another original investigative documentary series about a man who fathered potentially thousands of kids around the world. Through three intense episodes, The Man with 1000 Kids promises to reveal disturbing truths about the fertility industry. Watch all about it on Netflix, available to stream on July 3rd!

The Imaginary - July 5th


From Studio Ponoc, The Imaginary is a fantasy adventure film directed by Yoshiyuki Momose (Spirited Away) and written by Yoshiaki Nishimura. The film focuses on a young girl named Amanda and her imaginary companion, Rudger. Amanda treats Rudger as a great company as they share exciting adventures together. Yet, as Amanda grows up, Rudger begins to fade away from her memories. The Imaginary will be available on Netflix starting on July 5th.

Jurnal Risa The Movie - July 11th


Horror lovers, this is for you. Jurnal Risa: The Movie will depict one of the most horrifying cases the famous YouTuber has ever experienced. Adapted from her viral video, Jurnal Risa: The Movie follows the team's discovery of an evil force called Samex, whose name must not be mentioned, or else doom will follow. Presented as a thrilling mockumentary, Jurnal Risa: The Movie is slated for release on July 11th, ready to shake both worlds (or just you in your seat.)

Fly Me to the Moon - July 11th


Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum are ready to sweep you off your feet in this romcom movie. Set in the 1960s, Fly Me to the Moon tells a love tale between a marketing executive and a NASA official as he makes preparations for the Apollo 11 moon landing. Want to see sparks fly between the two stars? Fly Me to the Moon will be out in theaters starting on July 11th.

Sweet Home Season 3 - July 19th


Rejoice! After six months, we're getting another season of the widely loved K-drama thriller, Sweet Home! This time, as the series is coming to an end, Song Kang will reprise his role for the last time as Cha Hyun-su. Watch the monstrous world reaching its climax only on Sweet Home 3, releasing July 19th on Netflix.

Elite Season 8 - July 26th


Another Netflix original series that's reaching its final season, Elite Season 8 will be released on July 26th. The series will conclude with Mina El Hammani reprising her role as Nadia, and the ensemble cast gearing up for graduation. Of course, there will be more drama, politics, and rivalry coming to the final season of Elite. Watch it all on Netflix!

Deadpool & Wolverine - July 26th


The most exciting title of the month, the third sequel of Deadpool is coming to you! After his appearance in nine X-Men films, Hugh Jackman will come back as Wolverine and join Deadpool as they fight a common enemy. Are you ready to witness the long-awaited duo on screen? Deadpool & Wolverine will make its way to your favorite theaters, starting July 26th 2024!



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