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Music, Suit and Lifelong Friendship: A Conversation with Crash Adams

Kamis, 01 Feb 2024 20:00 WIB
Music, Suit and Lifelong Friendship: A Conversation with Crash Adams
Jakarta -

Following their recent hit song "Give Me A Kiss", the duo Crash Adams visited CXO Media's office to engage and play together in many experiments. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Crash Adams, where I was granted the opportunity to interview them. The conversation delved into their relationship with one another, creative process, influences, and other trivial things about the duo.

Conversation with Crash Adams

Dinar: So, my name is Dinar. It's D-I-N-A-R. It's quite like the word "dinner" only with an A.

Adams: We're Italian, so we know how to... We know the R's. I'm going to make it sound a little more Italian than it is.

Crash: Dinar.

Adams: Dinaro!

Dinar: That's cool! Okay, so you guys-my first question-you've been friends since childhood, right? But why did you ultimately decide to start a music project together? What's the story behind it?

Adams: I wasn't even playing music at all because I quit at a certain age, and you can pretty much take it away from there. He was DJing for a very long time and was kind of uploading music on SoundCloud and he just decided one day while we were-I think I was in Missouri. I was in Missouri or Europe or one of the two. and he said, "do you want to play guitar on one of my songs?" So I was like, okay, yeah, sure. So I recorded it, sent it back to him, it was good. And then he's like, "you want to do another one, and you want to do another one, and you want to do another one." And then we just ended up going into the studio and did, "you want to continue that?"

Crash: Yeah, that was pretty much the way it was. I was making like, you know Robin Schultz? Or like, I'm trying to think of somebody who... It's called tropical house music. It's like that kind of music. So it was very like guitar-based music, but it was still like EDM, like dance music. Yeah, I called him up. When [he] finally got back to Canada. And then we got, it was at, the studio was actually his basement. Yeah, so we went into his basement and we made a song together that was like not dance music. It was just, I guess, alternative. From there, I was never supposed to sing. It was supposed, we were looking for a vocalist-

Dinar: You are great, though!

Crash: Thank you very much. I honestly started singing because we couldn't find a singer that could make good lyrics. So I was just like, if we can't find a singer to make good lyrics, I might as well try. And that's how it started.

Adams: And I ended up playing guitar because we couldn't find anyone better. I don't know how though, I don't know how, because the bar was very low.

Dinar: So, aside from the fact that you guys are friends, what's the main reason you guys choose one another to do this?

Crash: I think it started because I didn't know, when I was looking for a guitar player, he was the best guitar player I knew. Right away when I knew I needed some guitar, it wasn't even a question, it was like, "oh, I need to call Vince (Adams), because he can play this for sure." He can play this properly. And then, because we were always-even though we went our separate ways-because we were always such good friends, and we're complete opposites, it works. So sometimes, when I have difficulty with something, he fills in the gaps that I need to fill. So that's why it worked so seamlessly, I think.

Dinar: So you guys complete each other, right? As prominent musicians in the era of social media, what strategies do you think are essential to thrive on social media platforms, apart from creating good music, like in general?

Crash: I think it's always changing. So social media, the way things happen is like, something could be viral one week, and then it's dead the next week. So I think you always have to keep looking at what the next thing is and always keep learning about it, keep updating yourself with whatever it is. But I don't think you should be afraid to try new things. Before we got a viral video, before we got a viral video with music, we posted hundreds of videos. So you've got to be consistent with it.

Dinar: So, you gotta be consistent with whatever you're doing, right?

Adams: Yeah, 100%. Yeah, because if you're consistent, then you have more shots, right? More shots at the dartboard. Yeah. Whereas if you're just posting like once a month, that's one shot a month. Versus like 30 or 31 chances or double that, right?

Crash: Yeah, and be creative. Be creative. If you see something that you like, like if you see a trend that you like, um. Yeah, make it your own.

Dinar: So, next question. Your music formula seems to be aimed at giving listeners dopamine rush. Everything feels more fun. So, what is your creative process in developing this secret formula to create that dopamine effect?

Crash: I feel like it's just who we are. Yeah, it's exactly what I was in my mind.

Dinar: So, you guys are happy people in general!

Adams: I'm a little chill right now, but if anyone that knows me, like really knows me really well, they're kind of annoyed at how happy I am.

Dinar: Actually, me too. I'm really bright everyday and sometimes I feel like maybe I annoy a lot of people.

Crash: Never lose that! If you're happy and you want to be vibrant and always be yourself, I think that's us. And I think sometimes, let's say we're in a party mood, we make party style music. Let's say we're in more of an emotional, ballad mood, we usually tend to create that music. So our music really does reflect who we are.

Dinar: Duly noted! So, you were born and raised in Toronto, Canada. How exciting is the city and what's the music scene like there? Can Toronto be considered a significant influence on music [globally], like how Drake represents the city?

Crash: I think so. I think because if you look at guys like Drake, Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, There's a lot of people who came out of Toronto who really helped raise the status of the music in Toronto. And now because of that, there's a lot of people from Toronto that see these people and they're like, you know what, I can do that, because that person lived around the corner from me and they did it. So in the last, what, the last 10 years I'd say, Toronto's really become a powerhouse when it comes to music. There's so many great artists, and even now, we live in LA right now, but every time we tell somebody we're Canadian, they always tell us, they always rave about how the talent from Canada has come over to LA and they're really just taking over.

Dinar: You guys are really taking over social media! So among your biggest hits, like "Astronauts", "Caroline", and "Give Me a Kiss", which one is your favorite, and why did you choose that particular one?

Adams: Simple. "Give Me a Kiss". Why? Because the day before that song came out I was sitting in the car with you guys listening to it in the car and I knew that it would be something special and I knew that it could elevate us to the next level that we wanted to go and it did so I'll never forget that one.

Crash: 100% I definitely agree. Just because it's about love, like it's about everything that we stand for and what we want to bring to the world. It's the true epitome of Crash Adams.

Dinar: Oh, that's nice. So, next question. In your YouTube bio, it says, "I'm Crash, this is Adams. We're 2 childhood friends from Toronto, Canada and we like suits." Why do you both like suits? Do you have favorite colors or patterns for suits? Do you usually buy ready-made suits, or do you go for tailored suits? Hahaha!

Crash : Alright, so 100% it's got to be a European fit suit. Because it's not boxy. It has to fit our body, like slim-fitting. I guess you would call it a slim fit suit. And why do we like suits? Because when I put it on-I know, and I'm sure I can speak for Adams as well-when we put on a suit and we look in the mirror, we feel sharp, we feel classy.

Dinar: Actually me too! When I look in the mirror and I wear my suit I feel empowered!

Crash : Exactly! It's empowering! you feel clean, and that's the number one reason why I think we want to bring a class to music. But at the same time, if you do something crazy, and you're in a suit, you can get away with it.

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