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Evolving While Staying True: Interview with Gentle Bones

Selasa, 30 Jan 2024 16:30 WIB
Evolving While Staying True: Interview with Gentle Bones
Jakarta -

It has been an eventful decade for Singaporean musician Joel Tan, better known by his stage name Gentle Bones. Recently released his second album, Same Same, nearing the end of last year, Gentle Bones looked back on his journey in a quick chat with CXO Media.

⁠It has been 10 years since your debut EP, can you take us through your journey these past decade?
It's been a rather beautiful 10 years. Thanks for knowing that it's been 10 years for me. And I shall continue to improve myself as an artist and always strive to come up with music that both the listeners and I will enjoy.

Your music used to be more driven by acoustic guitar sounds before venturing into what it is today, can you share a bit about your creative process?
Oh yeah, thanks for noticing that as well. I think it's really coming around back to acoustic guitar still. My creative process is always to enjoy music as the fan of music that i am first! I always strive to improve my songwriting and come into deeper appreciation with the song creation process.

⁠Coming from Singapore, where the music scene is tight-knit and cross-genre collaborations happen often, how do you feel that it has shaped you?
Shaped me rather well, I think. We are a young country and I'd say we grew rather quickly artistically! Very postmodern pot of amazing influences.

Do you have a dream collaborator that your listeners might not expect?
I'd love to collaborate with Tanya Chua!

Can you share a playlist of songs that are in heavy rotation or have inspired you in any way for Same Same?
I'm not sure if I have one for this album. Perhaps "As It Was" by Harry Styles and the Bones & The Boy EP were huge influences.

Gentle Bones' latest release, Same Same, is available on streaming services now.