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What Does Your Rising Say About You?

Minggu, 03 Jul 2022 16:01 WIB
What Does Your Rising Say About You?
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When it comes to astrology, there's a term to explain a few things that we might stumble upon, such as, sun, moon, and rising. While most of us understand what the sun and moon represents, not many talk about risings and what it signifies. Still, to deepen your knowledge about it, let's dive into all of the astrology terms you should know about.

The sun, moon, and rising are part of a birth chart   a map showing the positions of the planet at the time of someone's birth, which many believe has the power to make up characters or personalities. In your birth chart, the three main planetary points that outline your everyday personality are your sun, moon, and rising. Just like the planets that revolve around the sun in our solar system, the Sun represents our core and basic identity. The moon is the soul behind your identity, or in other words, it rules your emotional reactions. Meanwhile, rising, often known as the ascendant, is your social personality.

Your rising sign represents your physical body and outward style. It is the manifestation of both your inner and outer world. It's how other people perceive you, your general impression of people, and your spontaneous reactions. You may wonder, 'So it works like a mask?' you could say that. Upon meeting you for the first time, people will most likely interact with your rising sign, which means that what you project may not be how you see yourself at all. If you feel nervous and anxious inside, yet everyone sees you as calm and laid-back, your rising sign may be dramatically different from your moon or sun sign.

Astrologers believe that your rising sign can even influence your physical characteristics and mannerism. Since the ascendant is specific to a certain time and place and represents the environment you were born into, it often reflects your childhood and upbringing, in which during that time, we learn how to navigate society and present ourselves to the world. Thus, if you were to give yourself something different or contrary to who you are, your ascendant can act as a shield that obfuscates your true nature.

So we got the prime identity, we got the feeling, and we got the mask. That simply explains your big three in astrology. So, what does your rising sign say about you?

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