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All About Spiderhead

Sabtu, 25 Jun 2022 18:00 WIB
All About Spiderhead
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Being number one on Netflix Top 10 Today made me curious enough to watch Spiderhead without further searching about its reviews and synopsis. I was just going to give it a go, watching it without any expectations. The only information I knew about the movie was that it starred Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller. The movie synopsis rings like this, "Two inmates form a connection while grappling with their pasts in a state-of-the-art penitentiary run by a brilliant visionary who experiments on his subjects with mind-altering drugs." So yes, expect technology, drugs, and crime to be a few aspects presented in the movie.

.Spiderhead/ Foto: Netflix

The movie starts with Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth) testing a drug, namely Daffodil, on one of the inmates in the Spiderhead Penitentiary. Daffodil is the name of the drug used to promote amusement to everything surrounding the subject, which invites laughter and giggles. Then the story unfolds from the point of view of Jeff (Miles Teller), an inmate who regularly receives injections of other emotion-altering substances.

We learn later that Abnesti has been testing these drugs on every inmate who voluntarily participates in Abnesti's research and experiments to 'pay' for their past crimes. Decent bedroom and cafeteria are provided, where they can roam freely without a handcuff or prison uniform   which is why it seems like it's better to be inside a middle-of-an-island penitentiary; rather than being in a States' prison.

.MobiPak/ Foto: Netflix

Every inmate has a device on their back called the MobiPak, where the drugs are being stored so that later they could be injected into the body. Abnesti controls the dose of the substances that go to their bodies. Aside from Daffodil, there's also Luvactin which promotes lust and romantic attraction, Phobica which causes fear of anything and Verbaluce, which elaborately helps express what you see and feel in a broad language. Then, the most feared substance is called Darkenflouxx, which can make the subject feel intense dread, and even worse--it has the potential to lead them to cause self-harm.

.Spiderhead/ Foto: Netflix

Jeff has been exposed to the Darkenflouxx substances, so he acknowledges how bad it is and thinks it shouldn't be injected into anybody. However, long story short, Abnesti managed to receive Jeff's permission to inject the Darkenflouxx into one of the inmates Jeff had sex with under the influence of Luvactin the other day. Under great stress, she couldn't stay still and made her MobiPak break, which leds to her committing suicide by piercing a piece of broken wood straight into her neck.

From this incident, Jeff began questioning Abnesti's motives as he found one paper whose headline says "Abnesti Pharmaceuticals", implying that he was working on his research on his own, not for the country. Then, towards the end, it is revealed that Abnesti has been trying to produce a drug namely OBDX, a substance that promotes obedience. But then, his plan failed as Jeff spiked Abnesti's MobiPak.

.Chris Hemsworth/ Foto: Netflix

As a manipulative businessman, Chris Hemsworth did a fair job portraying that character   along with his cheeky, charismatic, sweet smile that made you think he's good. His natural charisma is such a perfect fit for the role. So yes, he got me there because I was actually rooting for him, instead of Jeff. But of course, the good always wins. Moreover, I'm always interested in science experiment movies, making Spiderhead easy for me to find fascinating and entertaining.

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