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What Can We Expect From Thor: Love and Thunder

Sabtu, 04 Jun 2022 16:00 WIB
What Can We Expect From Thor: Love and Thunder
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Ever since the release of Doctor Strange's sequel, the multiverse has been inserted in every conversation and question relating to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future works. Including the most awaited one releasing this year, the fourth installment of one of the Avengers 6, Thor: Love and Thunder. Before the trailer dropped one week ago, there were no previews whatsoever regarding what the movie had to offer. Now the trailer is out, people are gawking over several things teased in the movie including Jane Foster, Thor's love interest, dressing up in the Asgardian god's main costume along with the infamous Mjolnir being held in her hands. So, to our surprise, the alternate universe will yet again play its role in this new movie.

.New role in Thor: Love and Thunder/ Foto: CXO Media

Being adapted from the comic with the same title, Thor: Love and Thunder will showcase one of Thor's biggest enemies, Gorr The God Butcher (who is also already teased a lot inside the trailer). Gorr The God Butcher intends to create the greatest destructive weapon namely the God Bomb and to do that, time travel is required in order to attain the materials needed for the bomb. Once again, there is a high chance that the MCU will continue its effort in tinkering around with the concept of timelines through Thor: Love and Thunder.

Having their path crossed in Avengers: Infinity War, I guess we'll see the irresistible combinations of Thor and the gang of Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord, Nebula, Drax, Mantis, Groot, and Rocket. Apart from thrilling adventures in the cosmic settings, Thor has always been the Avengers with a lot of sense of humor, even though it only started since the movie was led by a new director in Thor: Ragnarok. I think it's safe to expect the same thing for this installment. With the trailer alone, we can see how Thor often banters with his ex-lover shamelessly, inviting small chuckles and giggles to slip out of our mouths.

.Jane/ Foto: CXO Media

The most exciting part would reside on Jane's side, though. Questions like, "How did she become a God?" or "How important is her role in this movie?" are something the audience most likely will look forward to. Plot-wise, there are still speculations and theories revolving around Jane's role in this movie, especially since the extent of her power is still unknown. If the 'original' Jane Foster was capable of being the host of infinity stones' Aether's dark magic, then how powerful would she be serving as one universe's version of Thor?

One thing is for sure, just like The Incursion from Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of Madness, the God Bomb will serve an apparent impact on the multiverse as well, making Thor: Love and Thunder becomes well anticipated to continue the MCU exciting journey. High expectation lies in this movie, because after the Black Widow movie, Thor will be the last Marvel movie highlighting the story of OG Avengers. Fingers crossed, let's wait until July 8, 2022!

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